Run Far Away.


I want to run far away

Take off my leach and go astray

Up and down the hills

Through the valley

Across the seas

And pass every alley


I want to run into the dark

Dive in and swim with the sharks

To wander off and find myself in a peaceful park

It’s almost impossible to deal with

This whole love thing is beginning to sound like a myth


I want to run to a place called paradise

My spirit longs to move but my feet seem paralyzed

All these mishaps have left me nothing but traumatized

I need to be fearless, I need to be strong

Whip out my iPod and listen to my favorite song


I want to run to my lover

Someone to love me from now till forever

Hold me close underneath the covers

Maybe only then will this finally be over

However, who he is, I’m yet to discover


I want to run to somewhere new

My boat trip has been long overdue

All dressed in white, I guess I’m part of the crew

Across the sea, ever so calm and ever so blue

I want to stand on the deck and for once, enjoy the view

I can’t bear to stay here, let alone make it through

(Forgive my rubbish punctuation, we cant all be perfect at english)





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