Day 6. 30 ‘Interesting’ facts about me.


This is going to be so hard to do because, I doubt there’s anything interesting about me. But, here we goooo

1) My name is Akunna and I’m not Kenyan or south African or anything that isn’t Nigerian.

2) I used to be left handed but my grandma thought it was devilish so, she forced me to change. Bless her x.

3) I laugh like a retard and I ain’t even proud.

4) I had virgin lips up until November last year lmao.

5) I have never had a boyfriend before. Things like that just don’t appeal to me.

6) I have so many fears including Chiraptophobia, Coprastasophobia, Cynophobia, Katsaridaphobia, Trypanophobia, Philemaphobia, etc.

7) I happen to hate almost everything in the world; Animals, girls, most foods, most fruits, vegetables, almost every colour. It’s weird really.

8) I am an Igbo girl that speaks Yoruba, French and English. I can even speak more Cantonese than Igbo. I understand though.

9) I grew up with boys so, I can beat you up and this whole acting girly thing is a mystery to me.

10) I’m the least emotional person in the world even though my blog says otherwise. I’m just dramatic.

11) I believe in inner beauty because even though it doesn’t shine as bright as outer beauty, it’s the only kind of beauty that isn’t constrained to the eyes of the beholder.

12) I hate chocolate with a passion.

13) I almost killed myself when I was 5/6. Probably why I’m so grateful for my life.

14) I have a very creative/imaginative mind. This is terrible because, It takes me just over a second for my mind to wander off. In other words,I’m like a movie director in my head and, my blog is like the script. Careful enough to make sense out of it but, not to tell the complete story.

15) I don’t understand myself so, you could never understand me.

16) I can only write down the words that describe how I feel because they are words that my lips are afraid to utter.

17) I open my bag of crisps from the bottom just to prove different.

18) Orange juice turns me on lol. So does plain Madeira cake, vanilla ice cream and a certain dark skinned boy 😉

19) My bestfriend is a million miles away but still one if the two closest souls to my heart.

20) I have a big, fat, obese cruuuuuuuuuush on Mr Emzz iyfuyrdterdyughhoiuy haha.

21) I’m a feelings catcher. Someone could say ‘hi’ to me and I’ll start catching feelings. Or ‘you’re so awkward’ and I’ll start catching feelings. It’s ridiculous really.

22) I love Westlife with all of my heart. Their music speaks to my soul and it’s amazing. Does that make me gay?:(

23) Once upon a time, I was a dancer + I was on every single sports team. Football, athletics, volley ball, swimming, rounders etc. but now, I’m lazy AF. Still a skinny lady though

24) I don’t know how to compliment people and I don’t know how to believe people when they compliment me. To me, it’s either flattery or sarcasm.

25) I left highschool at 14

26) I love the color purple with all of my heart but, you’ll never catch me in a purple dress.

27) I love love love reading. It’s hard to believe cause I don’t have a wide range of vocabulary. Ted Dekker is the love of my life.

28) I am boring and not a tiny bit funny but somehow, the people around me seem to think otherwise.

29) I want to be a neurosurgeon.

30) I’m a strong woman in more ways than one so, I can deal with any form of physical pain without much effort. It’s the emotional pain that I fear I cannot handle hence, I block out my emotions.

Not so interesting A

One Reply to “Day 6. 30 ‘Interesting’ facts about me.”

  1. sooo me tbh….still have virgin lips,never had a bf too,but i want to be a chemical engineer,big dream,wat can i say,hope i make it 🙂


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