10 Day Me Challenge..Superwoman Version.

Hey lovies, Guess who's back back back...back again gain gain..Yes you got it! I'm back! Let's just imagine you're all so excited to see me back again on WordPress. I'm actually excited to put words on paper..Words on paper? Well you understand what I mean. It just feels like I'm back home, in my imaginary …

Birthday Girl Or Nah?

Hey lovies, Yes it's another one of my make believe conversations with my imaginary fans. I joke I joke. I don't believe in fans tbh I mean, nah that's ridiculous. If you're a frequent viewer and you like/love (this is me pushing it) the way I write then, I'm guessing you're the one I'm having …


Dolly Writes


Those that read my blog constantly probably already know who Akunna is. Writing brought us together and we have grown to be close friends who talk about almost anything. She is an outstanding writer and she is someone I love, respect and admire


Finding me

I’ve been on a quest to figure out who I am for quite some time now. Y’know, am I…
Emotional, not emotional?
Rude, compassionate?
Happy, sad?
Secretive, public?
Easy to read, evasive and difficult to figure out?

My journey wasn’t at all bad however the way that I came about it wasn’t particularly what I’ll recommend others to do. I have done all sorts of stupid things really. From spending over £200 at once on mac products (even though I knew nothing about makeup at the time) to diving deep into a relationship which I sort of lost myself in. Now, 200…

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Why Judge?

Back in highschool there used to be these wwjd bracelets meaning 'What Would Jesus Do'. The idea was that if you looked at your band every now and again, your subconscious will automatically ask itself that question before acting. Too bad it didn't work I live in a society where people are judged by the …