I’ll keep refuelling this worn out battleship,
Until you promise to love me the right way,
Until you believe that lie.

I’ll keep pouring life into our relationship,
Until I begin to fade away,
Until I begin to die.


I Will Keep You.

I kept you,
Like an abomination
Buried underneath layers of solid foundation
Locked away like a thief at the station
Not a single soul could break through.

I keep you,
My guilty pleasure
I’m so caught up in the moment
Convinced that nothing else could measure
It’s impossible to say how far I’ve gone.

From now till eternity
Until we fail to restore emotional connectivity
And you are no longer enraptured by my femininity
I will keep you
Engraved permanently on the walls of my heart
Flowing continuously through my marrows
From today till tomorrow,
I will keep you.



A Letter To My Main And Side Chick. 

You both win
I’ve tried my best, to say what I mean
But this is my guess, you both have what I need.

The sleepless nights tire me,
I can’t seem to catch a breath
I need you both entirely,
But maybe it’s all in my head.

One is dark and one is light,
I like the danger but need the safety
This is true, however trite
I find the contrast very tasty.

I love you and I love you too
I care and that counts
Call me selfish or greet me with a boo
But in the end I have no doubts.

Am I crazy? Am I really?
Am I wrong for entertaining repressed desires?
Look me in the eye and tell me the truth,
You would do the same if it was you.

Maybe I am, because I can’t make choices
I’m drinking , my head filled with both your voices.

Maybe we can make it work
You both in my arms all at once
No, I’m crazy, you’ll be the laughing stock
But I can’t push away the thoughts.

You don’t get to choose
So in the end you’re the winners
But if you ask me in this mood
I’m willing, to die a sinner.


A Letter To My Lover’s Main Chick. 

You win
If you haven’t yet figured it out,
I’m telling you that without a doubt,
You win.

Twelve am in the morning
And I find myself roaming
Fighting to stay awake
Incase he decides to show up before day break.

On the nights that I have him
I fight to ignore your expensive scent
Overwhelming and pungent
Your image creeps into my dreams.

Each ‘I love you’ as fake as the previous
Does he mean it when he says it to you?
I’m a little bit curious
This false love is long overdue.

It’s nothing but quick texts
A few hello’s and goodbye’s
But mostly ‘are you available for me to drive by?’
I’m only good enough for meaningless sex.

This man would never be mine
And I accept my defeat
His love for you is so pure, words cannot define
I’m sorry for causing your husband to cheat.

I said it before but I’ll say it again
In this game of love and infidelity
His vows to you were not in vain
I hope that you enjoy your new found serenity.

You win.


Hey Lovies,

I’ve been MIA for the longest time and I really do apologise for making you miss me so much. Maybe sometime in the future, I would explain my absence better but for now, I’m going to tell you about my next few posts on this beautiful blog of mine. 

So, I usually write my poems alone…on my bed…drowning in food…listening to sad music like a loner. The problem with that is I decided to get rid of all my sad music for a change and inject some afrobeat into my life. Afrobeat music doesn’t particularly bring the depressed part of me to life so, writing has been a bit of a struggle. Also, I have been on this fitfam life for a few months now, trying to slay in my singleness. In between dancing to ‘omo alhaji’ and planning my daily workout exercises, I haven’t had my fair share of inspiration lately.

Now don’t be sad, I wouldn’t abandon you beautiful people which is why I felt the need to start something new. I tried writing poetry with an acquaintance which I posted here and that was a completely different experience for me. Different in a good way. After this, I started writing a story with someone I used to know, which I might post later on. That however was a fail but, I am not a quitter so, once I found a few more friends who equally love poetry, I thought it was worth another shot.

I have three new posts coming up. The first part was written by my twin, KCO and the third part by the most amazing person ever, Mixxy. (the second part was by yours truly, A). We tried to write about the topic of infidelity from three different perspectives and I feel like it came out amazing but, let me know what you think about them down in the comments below.





Don’t you dare cry.
Tears are for the weak, the faint hearted

Don’t you dare wish.
Hope is for the unrealistic

Don’t you dare scream.
Raised voices are for the untrained

Don’t you dare reminisce.
Nostalgia is for the inexperienced

Don’t you dare waste another day. Attachment is for the pushovers

Don’t you dare ask if he loves you. Questions are for the insecure

Just don’t.

My Favourite Corner.

The worst thing you can do is be fake

Pull on a mask and recreate a new identity

Regardless of the things that could be at stake

Like the frequent outbursts of anger, a reason to question ones’ sanity

Continuous mental turbulence, comparable to an earthquake

It’s been so long, remind me again the meaning of the word serenity

Although already accustomed to paranoia, I fear the hate that creeps into my bed at night so I lay awake

While you rain down even more fowl unpleasant obscenity

I’ll be sat quiet in my favourite corner enduring this excruciating sensation called heartbreak.



I have fast realised that everything begins with an adventure
A pinch of fear,
A rush of adrenaline
The burning desire to explore.

I have fast realised that life is about progression
From one extreme situation to another
It’s hard to decide what is worse
Either getting burned by ice burgs
Or being forced to swim through the Great Lake of fire.

I have fast realised that my line of thoughts stay constantly intertwined
Would this be long lasting or would things change once we’re all grown
While searching my heart, there was only one fact to find
I truly was happier when I was on my own.


Young Poets. 

Young poets,
It’s funny how you start off with butterflies in your bellies and love notes
Be it the girl that tickles your fancy in maths class
Or that guy you’re in love with but, barely know

Young poets,
It hurts me to see you graduate into writing about heartbreaks and sorrows
To feel your hearts beat so weak, they sound like echoes
Because your one true happiness is now the demon that lingers

Young poets,
I am proud to have seen you develop
From insignificant feelings, to pain, to something a lot more abrupt
I can feel it in your choice of words and attempt to come off as strong
I only hope that from now on, you are fully aware of your self worth




Time Bomb. 

One second
Two seconds
Three seconds,


It’s the fifth second
Now the sixth second
At the seventh second,

Could you please just stop?!

My heart will stop at the eighth second
I beg you, please, don’t let it get to the ninth second
Because this time bomb is set to go off on the tenth second

And I’m afraid I will never be able to recover at all