Just Incase.

Incase we don’t have tomorrow,
I want you to know
Today is the best day of my life
Simply because I know you exist
In a space where I can call home.


Back Home.

It’s easy to forget,
With the wind in your hair
And the unfamiliar taste of beer.
With music and laughter and vibes,
It’s easy to forget your fears,
The reason your soul cries,
And bleeds and hurts.
It’s the alcohol telling you lies
Like you’ll be okay,
Because it was never that deep.
But you get home,
Put your keys through the lock
And let yourself in.
Only to breathe an air of remembrance,
An air of familiarity.
This wasn’t made up, it’s a reality.
Forgetfulness doesn’t live here,
Not while there’s traces of evidence
In every inch of your living space.
This isn’t home anymore,
It’s a repertoire of memories…
Is your heart racing?
Because mine is too.