Unfamiliar Familiarities.

There’s something about your arms that feels so familiar. The way they wrap around my physical form, Firm, yet gentle. And when they pull me into what was once considered personal space, It’s caring, it’s protective. It’s like I’ve been here before, Like you were once my home. There’s something about your face that feels …

Insomnia Revisits.

It was the suddenness of it all. Do I move on or do I fall, Back to a place of familiarity? My feet flee but my soul stands in solidarity, With what once was. What felt right. What’s been keeping me up all these nights. A.


Sometimes, I write. Other times, I let my soul cry out. The difference is clear as fog. A.

Hey Big Head.

I’m back again, Creating literary pieces of art While everything within and around me falls apart. I’m back to being inspired by pain. A.


You are not just growing For the sake of growing. You are fulfilling a prophecy, Stepping into your destiny. In this realm, it all makes sense; The backlash the hurt, The tears, the distrust, The series of events, They all led you up to this point. They created this version of you. This heart, this …