Curses For Freedom.

When I write about past experiences, I hope that no one notices. And when references are made to moments that I cherish forever, I speak temporary memory loss into past lovers. The same kind that made you forget my worth, The same kind that allowed you neglect sacrifices made and emotions brought forth. I speak …


Solitude doesn’t ask what’s wrong, She lets me be. She doesn’t reach out, Or hold me when I’m down. When emotions get the better of me, And I’m left in a puddle of my never ending tears, I don’t feel solitude looking at me through pitiful eyes. She doesn’t pat my back like they do …

Lost And Not Found.

I had lost my innocence trying to persevere, Misplaced my happiness by choosing to stay, Given up my voice listening to yours. Most of all, I lost my compassion trying to guard my heart. I'm not the same person. A.


I close my eyes so my body can feel, Shut my heart so my mind can process, Bitter truths my stomach cannot digest. If this wasn’t me, it would be someone else, Somewhere else, maybe something else. So I draw the blinds shut and kill the switches, It’s impossible to think while engulfing all these …


I'll keep refuelling this worn out battleship, Until you promise to love me the right way, Until you believe that lie. I'll keep pouring life into our relationship, Until I begin to fade away, Until I begin to die. Love, A x