They speak of love like a force,
An entity of its own,
Enveloping mere mortals.
Possessing them,
Taking over in ways that failed to appeal to me,
And I believed.
But this,
This is nothing like I envisioned.
This is soothing,
Like cool breeze on a warm summer’s night.
Like a drag of Mary J’s finest rolls.
Like your arms around me on my worst days.
This is simple,
Like nothing I have known before.
I don’t want to jump or scream or shout,
There is no urge to go crazy or lose my mind,
Not in anger, not it dismay.
Thoughts of you occupy my mind but not in a forceful way,
It’s beautiful, it’s easy
It’s the best thing I’ve experienced thus far.

Where has this been all my life?
Where have you been all my life?




This has been an amazing blogging year for me seeing as I’ve had a new post up almost every week. I don’t know where these creative juices are coming from but, they’re really flowing into my poetry. Regardless, I do feel like my pieces are starting to sound somewhat repetitive. By repetitive, I mean most of my poetry seems to be centred around the same topic. This isn’t bad at all but I’ve been itching to branch out a bit. Although, a majority of my posts would be depressing poems. Is this really the beautiful beast in me if there isn’t dark poetry being published?

In terms of ideas, I’ve been thinking of maybe taking part in challenges. I like this because the topics are usually so different to what I’m used to writing about. I’ve also had my friend suggest I write think pieces. This may prove challenging because I mostly only have strong opinions on things that deeply affect me and it’s extremely difficult to express myself in writing alone. One thing I’ve realised is I love talking because you get to express yourself with body language, facial expressions, tone of your voice etc. How do you capture all of this in writing alone? Hmm. I’m also considering featuring my YouTube beauty videos here and maybe writing stories as opposed to strictly poetry. 

There’s a variety of things to do but stepping out of my comfort zone is a scary journey that I cannot wait to embark on. What sort of things would you like to see on my blog?