Lost And Not Found.

I had lost my innocence trying to persevere,
Misplaced my happiness by choosing to stay,
Given up my voice listening to yours.
Most of all,
I lost my compassion trying to guard my heart.

I’m not the same person.


We’re Millennials Remember?

We’re millennials remember?
No strings attached.
Just an air of attraction,
Etching us in.
Pulling us closer,
until we’re skin to skin,
Chest to chest.
Whatever this is, I feel it within.
You’ll hold me in your arms,
And I’ll never say,
That everyday is a good day,
As long as you’re on my mind.
And you are.
In the mornings, at night,
And every hour in between.
But my lips must remain silent.
My back must stay turned on the possibilities.
Tempting as it may be,
I must be void of all emotional responsibilities,
Potential insecurities.
The idea of the idea,
The possibility of the possibility.
Because like I said,
We are millennial, remember?
It’s a culture,
We both gotta stay woke.




Sunken eyes because they’re heavy

From the weight of salty, transparent liquid

A symbol of grief, heaps of emotions I’ve been forced to bury

Is it okay if I cried?


Stopped in my tracks out in the open

It’s these images in my head

They’ve left me broken

Spiritually encompassing my physical form

Is it okay if I remembered?


Blood trickling down from bleeding eardrums

Who said internal screams were harmless

In these moments where the world stands still

And time as we know it seizes to exist,

Is it okay if I gave way to my memories?


Sleep evades me

And food has lost its taste

Publicly falling apart so the whole world can see

With nothing but priorities misplaced,

Is it okay if I just surrendered?