Stop Calling Me.

One of the numerous deranged voices in my head calls out to me. Unwilling to listen, determined to ignore, I strolled calmly down the crooked path I found myself in. It was my first month in this city and I loved the warm sun smiling down upon me; the calm but noticeable breeze in my hair; the sound of hummingbirds singing in accord..a tune I had heard in the past perhaps.  Relocating to Sinhatol was probably the wisest choice I might have ever made. A new job, new environment, new apartment which I shared with my boyfriend and…

A multitude of voices in my head called out to me in unison. 

He was being dodgy and I new it. From the newly found insecurities to the late night texts to missing chats and the occasional mention of my name for no apparent reason. I wonder if they ever…


At the bottom of the rocky path was a small secluded park which looked very well maintained. With just about a handful of people, it was masked with silence. Humans walked passed with their tongues in their bellies and their eyes heavy. There was something peculiar about this vicinity and so I ventured in.

I occupied an old, worn out bench right in front of the waterfall and mini pond. The fountain was beautiful, fresh water flowed through the rear end of a well designed mermaid and spurted out in a seemingly amusing manner through the lips of the ornament. From it’s lips, through the air and splat! Into the mini pond which housed an array of colourfully patterned fishes. They ever so often slid past each other almost as if implying sexual association just like Chigozie and his multiple side bitches. Never in my life could I ever had thought that my own lover would treat me in such…

They were calling out louder and more determined and I was slowly losing the urge to ignore them. I wanted to think about it. Wanted to analyze the situation. Be the defendant, judge and jury at the same time.

I loved deeply, fell hopelessly, trusted wholeheartedly and got hurt in the worst possible manner. ‘The heart of man is wicked’ my mum always said. I left my life for this? My job, friends, social life, ex? My ex was the most a…

They’re calling out to me again. I don’t know what to think about and what to forget. What to condemn and what to overlook. My head is heavy but not as heavy as my eyelids which are now pouring out their saltiness in order to relieve me of the betrayal that I feel.

My wisest choice ever was ironically the daftest one as well.

– Stop calling me!



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