What Would You Do?

If I showed you my soul,
Would you run away?
Would you break free from these chains,
And then go astray?
Now aware of the poison flowing through my veins,
Would you flee?
I just want to know.

If you tasted my thoughts,
Would you look at me in dismay?
Afraid of what my brain conceives,
Reminded that what you see
Is merely what you chose to perceive
That is not my reality
It is not a representation of me.
I just want you to know.

If you felt my heart,
Would you choose to stay?
Now aware of its fragility,
Compensated partly
By my lack of attention
In words intended to create tension.
I feel everything.
So would you hold me,
And remind me that I’d be okay?
I just want to know.



3 Replies to “What Would You Do?”

  1. My darling love
    It’s the reality of life isn’t it
    We are never where and who we want to
    – there’s always that little or large room

    Having taken in droplets from the ocean that you are
    I want you and not my idea of you
    Through the lessons, pains and growth
    So when the time comes because it will

    I will hold you
    I will be here
    I choose you
    And I just want you to know

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