You’ve always been up and down,
In and out.
Like consistency was an abomination.
Reminding me that being here was not an obligation,
And depending on you could only occur in my wildest imagination.

You sway side to side,
Back and forth.
Like temporality was already implied.
From the beginning it was obvious you tried,
Convincing you and I both that you could be here.
But not in this way, not while I’m dissatisfied.

Today you’re here,
And tomorrow you’re not.
But I walk around like I’m not completely distraught,
Heartbroken, downstriken.
Brought to my knees,
I’m begging you please,
Promise me you’ll be here tomorrow.



6 Replies to “Inconsistencies.”

    1. Phew. Thank God I checked. I meant to paste this –

      I’ll be here tomorrow
      Come rain, come sun
      Come pain, come joy
      I’d be here for you

      I’ve been in and out, I know
      I’ve been back and forth, like the wind, this I know
      This is my henceforth moment
      I promise I’ll be here tomorrow and the next and the next
      Lord willing.

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