Make It Make Sense.

According to physics, roses are red,
Just like the skies are blue.
But blue isn’t just the warmest colour,
It’s your favourite colour.
And oud amber isn’t just the sultriest smell,
It’s your signature scent.
Your aura, your being,
My memories still alive and breathing.
How can I lay in bed without thinking?
With stars above me,
A representation of your creativity.
My favourite wine at the cornershop
Sits right next to magnum
Like you sit right next to me,
In my heart.
I can’t use Cameroon pepper without giggling,
Can’t entertain thoughts of you without smiling.
I do dumb shit like I toast bread in my frying pan
Even though I don’t like bread
And I don’t like toast,
I like doing thing that remind me of then .
Like trying out recipes that don’t exist beyond the scope of caucasianism.
Because this was the epitome of happiness,
In the midst of my depression.
So why does it feel like regret?



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