Solitude doesn’t ask what’s wrong, She lets me be. She doesn’t reach out, Or hold me when I’m down. When emotions get the better of me, And I’m left in a puddle of my never ending tears, I don’t feel solitude looking at me through pitiful eyes. She doesn’t pat my back like they do …

Lost And Not Found.

I had lost my innocence trying to persevere, Misplaced my happiness by choosing to stay, Given up my voice listening to yours. Most of all, I lost my compassion trying to guard my heart. I'm not the same person. A.


Close your eyes and count to ten. Is life calmer now than it was then? How long have you suffered? Tell me, since when.. Did you choose to shrink yourself? When did this all begin? The world is full of evil, Darling you are not the first to sin. So lift your head up and …


I don’t want to write Or sing or read Don’t want to create Yet another piece or poetry. Not one of love Or lust or affection Not while I crave Your undivided attention. I don’t want to feel Or long for or need Temporary moment of comfort A blessing and a curse indeed. A.