Five Senses.

I felt your chest rise
It was faint, tired
One desperate beat at a time
Holding on to life,
Struggling to survive.

I tasted your tears
Concentrated with sharp crystals of pain
One heart breaking drop after the next
It’s your side of the bed but I can’t help noticing the dampness
A representation of the burden that you bear.

I saw your soul
A strong force emanating from within
It’s survival’s strength
Shutting me out, shutting you in
It’s not love if you’re kept at arms length.

I heard your cries
A result of your silent sufferings
Locked away from prying eyes
Covered up with your best disguise
It is clear that you’re struggling.

I smelt your fear
Like an aroma drawing in darkness
Attracting the wicked
Bringing forth the heartless
Let go of your hate and things will be clear.



What Do You Feel?

Do you feel yourself creeping?
Into my mind, my poetry, my prose,
Into every single thing that I compose,
Do you feel that happening?

Do you feel fatigued?
From running through my mind,
Jumping through neurones all intertwined,
Do you still feel intrigued?

Do you feel conjugated?
Like maybe you want to be here forever,
Like maybe you’re about to be incorporated,
Turn away while you still can, duck for cover.