Five Senses.

I felt your chest rise
It was faint, tired
One desperate beat at a time
Holding on to life,
Struggling to survive.

I tasted your tears
Concentrated with sharp crystals of pain
One heart breaking drop after the next
It’s your side of the bed but I can’t help noticing the dampness
A representation of the burden that you bear.

I saw your soul
A strong force emanating from within
It’s survival’s strength
Shutting me out, shutting you in
It’s not love if you’re kept at arms length.

I heard your cries
A result of your silent sufferings
Locked away from prying eyes
Covered up with your best disguise
It is clear that you’re struggling.

I smelt your fear
Like an aroma drawing in darkness
Attracting the wicked
Bringing forth the heartless
Let go of your hate and things will be clear.



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