Just Incase.

Incase we don’t have tomorrow, I want you to know Today is the best day of my life Simply because I know you exist In a space where I can call home. A

Tough Love. 

Over here, we don't say I love you Or ask about feelings like this was some sort of interview. We don't cry, not publicly. We don't speak comforting words, not literally. We can't be supportive, not emotionally, So I apologise, For learning to love differently. I learned that even in love, we got to be …

Issa Sonnet.

He didn't just call me beautiful first He called me interesting Not once did I try to decipher his level of thirst Not once did I stop listening To perfectly structured sentences Beautiful music to these ears Because for as long as his voice is on my list of preferences My soul inherently hears My …


You wear your heart on your sleeve And I don't blame you It's the joy of ignorance Lack of experience Naïveté in its purest form I envy that I envy you I will continue to envy you Until your body begins to slowly wither As these men pass through welcoming doors Only to take from …


I'll keep refuelling this worn out battleship, Until you promise to love me the right way, Until you believe that lie. I'll keep pouring life into our relationship, Until I begin to fade away, Until I begin to die. Love, A x