My Kind Of Love.

My kind of love doesn’t live in happy places
Nor in the hearts of happy people
Nor in the 4 corners of a happy home
It grows out in the dark trenches
Spreads across these bloody battle fields
It’s the kind found in the hearts of hard wired soldiers.

My kind of love only occupies a place of emptiness
A grieving widow in the hands of her in laws
A hurting wife at the mercy of her husbands’ infidelity
These young couples, more toxic than poison
It’s not the type of love that’s promised till infinity.

My kind of love doesn’t reside in the hearts of misogynists
Or in the cracks present in masculinity, all so fragile
It cannot coexist with lack of equality
Or a sense of entitlement due to mere ethnicity
It’s the kind of love that may never exist.



2 Replies to “My Kind Of Love.”

  1. Your kind of love does/must exist if it exists in you and your words. Your passion and strength are enough to make it happen. Stay strong and do not compromise.

    Your blog is amazing and take it that I have liked everything on here so far!
    Privileged to follow you, so talented.


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