Title Still Undergoing Construction.

With time, you learn how to cry without making a sound

How to force your sclera to go from red to white in a millisecond.

A little less on the outside and a little more within

My mind seems to wander into places I have never been.

There’s really nothing, not even mere chemistry

My lips are curved upwards in a crescent shape.

My soul often pours out with unexplained misery

I want to run but, I cannot escape.

I miss so many things, so many people

It doesn’t make sense, at least not from this angle.

Most of all, I miss the one thing I never had

I miss you, my beautiful sexy lad.

The electric impulses that are fired when we touch

It feels so unreal; I never thought I’d ever experienced such.

The constant churning in my belly when we kiss

If we never become, this is something I’ll definitely miss.

The way my heart skips a few beats when you walk by

I want to reach out and hold you but, I can’t even manage to say “Hi”.

You’re right here but you’re not

It’s like we progress only to regress once more.

Something like a swing, we keep going back and forth

Playing with my emotions? I hope not.

I’m too feeble, too weak to explain

Unsure if I can cope with the pain.

Now and again I go on my knees and pray

That eventually, these superficial feelings will go away.






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