Just Like The Rain, I Have Been.

It’s been raining every second, every hour, every day
Wet, miserable and gloomy all year
Just like the rain, I have been
My map to the land of happiness, I have scrapped and thrown in the bin
I was only ever cheerful in my dreams
The storm is almost over, so it always seems
I knew deep down that this was a reality and I didn’t give a damn
I had to adapt to this so, yesterday in the flood, I swam
Just like the rain, I have been
I am aware that my misery truly comes from within
I feel alone, odd, isolated
For the past few years, I’ve been nothing but underrated
Today however, for the first time in a decade
There’s a small patch of light at the end of my formerly dark passage
A part of me wants to scream out and celebrate my joy
And the other half just wants to sit in the dark reminiscing over perfect little Roy
But you know what they say
‘Make hay while the sun shines’
Or in my case,
‘Cultivate any form of vegetation for as long as the dim illumination at the end of this dark passage decides to go out and diminish any form of hope that you ever had leading to nothing but bastardisation’
The rain might represent my life right now
But now doesn’t last till forever and that’s what this poem is about
Eventually, the sun will come out
So instead of wallowing in the rain all because of one man
I’ll anticipate the sun so, in it I can tan
Just like the rain, I have been
But I have to be strong because I know this battle won’t end until I win.



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