Need To Forget.


But sometimes I want to remember
And sometimes I need to forget
The moments I wanted to last forever
And the times I couldn’t give meaning to the word ‘upset’
Cause you’re over there and I’m over here
And between us, an opaque film that no emotion can tear
Your hands encompass mine, but I can no longer feel
Your voice through my ears, but I can no longer hear
Your eyes fixated on mine as we walk past each other
People may see otherwise but I know they were peering deep into my soul
Analyzing our feelings, trying to differentiate one from another
We’ve been bad kids and for Christmas, we deserve nothing but coal
But no matter how many what if’s and stares and memories
We know that for this, there are no known remedies
But you can’t keep up this act
Because, I know in my heart and you in yours
It’s time to move out and move on, I hope you’ve packed
I pray you find another just so we can even out the scores



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