Nursery Rhymes.

I never thought much about nursery rhymes
Until I thought about the arms in which my heart lies
And now my thoughts have changed

I like to tell the tale of my love life
Like stories are told in a nursery rhyme
Don’t persecute me for my ignorance
It’s merely a crime

I like to think of the manner in which the children danced around
I too swayed with glee, my joy was unbound

The way the tune to each nursery rhyme remained enjoyable throughout the years
It was my name being said out loud with your voice, music to my ears

Like the soothing rhythm of each melodious lyric
His words flowed perfectly even to me, his number one critic

Resounding repetitions although just as exciting each time
‘I love you’ through his lips, the second time more body warming than the last

As some words were changed, forgotten or recently invented
So were our memories, the thinnest line between the truth and what I had fabricated

It’s jumbled up, so hard to explain
With more complications rising, either one of us can abstain

But no matter how many roses were red
Or violets were blue
Sugar will never know how sweet you were to me



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