Loose Ends.

From almost loving to completely falling in love
There’s nothing left to do
We’ve all done things we’re far from proud of
Some form of confrontation is long overdue
With passion rising
My heart beat every now and again, escalating
It’s the room I’m in, slowly collapsing
I can’t think can’t concentrate
Can’t stop myself from overexaggerating
There’s thoughts to consider, moments to plan out
Hidden rendezvous locations to discover
That’s not what all this was supposed to be about
But I’m here and you’re there
It’s hard to hold on to composure but I’m trying I swear!
At night my dehydrated eyes get weaker with the loss of each tear
Mummy should have warned me..should have screamed ‘my baby beware’
Maybe It’s the cool night wind
Or no, the dark lingering midst
It could be my demons yet to be disciplined
Or the fact that noise momentarily seizes to exist
So I’m left alone with my mind and my excuse of an imagination
It keeps taking me back to when we first kissed
It lingered..although far fetched was initiated through intoxication
It was innocent, temporary, supposedly a distraction
From one encounter to another
Each breath of air felt like wind through my hair in the summer
Each finger that traced my physical outline
Each gaze, each smile, each tumultuous whisper
Left me a different person
With hormones running wild as previously camouflaged emotions ran deeper
It’s impossible to turn away, impossible to ignore
Impossible to have a taste of the fruit and not relish its flavour
While I count my goosebumps and attempt to tame my thoughts
I realise I would never be clean, there would always be certain untied knots




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