Maybe I can overcome
And instead of feeling a rush of emotions, I’ll only feel numb

Maybe I can finally step out
Swear to never go back and eliminate every spec of doubt

But not when old history becomes new chemistry
With memories now turned into sweet resounding melodies

Not when it’s easier to pick remembering over forgetting
Although it’s close to the end, I’m so desperately holding on to the beginning

Maybe I really can’t overcome
Even with months of anticipation, I’m far from ready for the inevitable storm

Maybe I really can’t stop myself from wanting to lament
As my past haunts my present
I understand now that things now have to be different
But in the midst of all of this, I can’t bring myself to be rational
It’s resentment, it’s rage
It’s the odd feeling of excitement, one which is scarce amongst people my age
It’s my new found addiction that I can’t give up for lent
Maybe I really should overcome
Because holding on is starting to feel like emotional torment




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