One Hunnid. 

Hey lovies,So I just hit 100 posts and normally I’d be a lot more excited. I mean, I am happy..overjoyed even but, at this point in my life, I can’t even manage to fake a smile. It hurts because that’s the one thing I could always do to just get through the day.

Today’s my hundredth post and I can’t help but count the last hundred tear drops that sank in to my pillow in the past few hours

A hundred posts and just about 100 throbs away from a migraine

A hundred posts but all I see is a hundred reasons to flee from negativity

A hundred reasons to run

Looking back at my hundred posts, I get to revisit my hundred past mistakes but it’s a shame I’m still living in one

A hundred posts? More like a hundred days of fasting and prayer just hoping that I recover

It’s my hundredth post everybody..a hundred weeks from what I thought was an amazing day in my life. Times like this, it’s hard to tell myself I deserve better

P.s be sure to know who to trust, respect, be there for and make yourself available to. So many people are undeserving and would love to take advantage.

Love doesn’t live here,



4 Replies to “One Hunnid. ”

  1. Happy 100th my love. We live and we learn baby and the best thing is that you have touched lots of lives. It will get better. You are brave enough to be vulnerable. Not many people can do that. You live! even knowing that you might get hurt. That is courage. Keep on living love and soon all the mistakes will be a thing of the past


  2. Happy 100th post, Akunna. I hope you outlive the mistake you are currently living in. Hope it gets better.

    Here’s to many more posts about the beauty and fragility of life (and love).


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