The Voyage Into The Uncharted. 

Hey lovies,

There are two things I find more amazing that finding out someone has accidentally deposited money that I didn’t deserve into my account.

1) Realising that one of your really close friends has a hidden talent

2) Acting like my blog is famous enough to ‘feature’ other people’s poetry/prose

Today must be my lucky day because those two things just happened. Below is..uhm..let’s just call him Loloski. Below is Loloski’s piece and I absolutely fell in love with the art of writing all over again.


The Voyage Into The Uncharted. 

Would be a lie if I say I haven’t been drawn to anyone the way I am to you

However it’s the manner in which I am drawn to you that is most puzzling

Never has it seemed that I’m utterly wasting my time waging this voyage into an abyss of which I know not what lies ahead , but I am determined to foster on because I believe the treasures that lie beyond this bulletproof darkness that lines my eyesight , would grossly outweigh any effort I have put in thus far

Some might call it curiosity. Some might call it stupidity. I call it the need to know.
As I embark on this journey to know you , after struggling and overcoming the turbulent waves of shyness that prohibited my departure initially. I am confronted with yet another bout of gale force winds that threatens to leave me buried amongst the jagged rocks that line this narrow path I take on the route to know you

With every stroke I take forward , these waves and winds take me back so much I begin to question if I am making progress. I’m at the border where I don’t know if this disinterest you radiate is actually real or if it’s a shroud in which you hide your own shyness and insecurities.

As everything about you is a mystery I am tempted to go with the latter and soldier on this voyage. I have come too far to give up and I shall still soldier on. And as you watch and throw me more challenges you shall be impressed by the sincerity of my voyage that I am coming to you , not to take the riches you have , but to even cultivate and multiply and give you a company worthy to share the blessings nature has ladened you with.

I know not where I am going. Neither do I have a map or compass or any directional help from you. But I do believe that I’m on the right path , and someday , maybe not soon , I would get through to you.



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