A Letter To My Main And Side Chick. 

You both win
I’ve tried my best, to say what I mean
But this is my guess, you both have what I need.

The sleepless nights tire me,
I can’t seem to catch a breath
I need you both entirely,
But maybe it’s all in my head.

One is dark and one is light,
I like the danger but need the safety
This is true, however trite
I find the contrast very tasty.

I love you and I love you too
I care and that counts
Call me selfish or greet me with a boo
But in the end I have no doubts.

Am I crazy? Am I really?
Am I wrong for entertaining repressed desires?
Look me in the eye and tell me the truth,
You would do the same if it was you.

Maybe I am, because I can’t make choices
I’m drinking , my head filled with both your voices.

Maybe we can make it work
You both in my arms all at once
No, I’m crazy, you’ll be the laughing stock
But I can’t push away the thoughts.

You don’t get to choose
So in the end you’re the winners
But if you ask me in this mood
I’m willing, to die a sinner.


A Letter To My Lover’s Main Chick. 

You win
If you haven’t yet figured it out,
I’m telling you that without a doubt,
You win.

Twelve am in the morning
And I find myself roaming
Fighting to stay awake
Incase he decides to show up before day break.

On the nights that I have him
I fight to ignore your expensive scent
Overwhelming and pungent
Your image creeps into my dreams.

Each ‘I love you’ as fake as the previous
Does he mean it when he says it to you?
I’m a little bit curious
This false love is long overdue.

It’s nothing but quick texts
A few hello’s and goodbye’s
But mostly ‘are you available for me to drive by?’
I’m only good enough for meaningless sex.

This man would never be mine
And I accept my defeat
His love for you is so pure, words cannot define
I’m sorry for causing your husband to cheat.

I said it before but I’ll say it again
In this game of love and infidelity
His vows to you were not in vain
I hope that you enjoy your new found serenity.

You win.

A Letter To My Lover’s Side Chick

You win
Not when I’m out and you’re in
You win
If I’m not successful without him.

Empty bed all night
He’s snuck out to meet you
Why should I fight?
Now I’ve got space for two.

Home from work
Your cheap cologne in the air
Frightened cause I don’t give a fuck
But your smell is my burden to bear.

Walking on eggshells
To pick up your calls
His eyes filled with fear
Especially when we are at the mall.

He’s leaving me
Your greatest achievement
But you’ll always only be
His second placement.

He said he loves you
He told me that too
How many others
Do you think he’s said that to?

He’s all yours
If he’s stupid enough to go
But please be cautious
He’ll do this to you also.

You win
But this wasn’t even a competition
You can have everything
Including his lying and cheating obsession.



Hey Lovies,

I’ve been MIA for the longest time and I really do apologise for making you miss me so much. Maybe sometime in the future, I would explain my absence better but for now, I’m going to tell you about my next few posts on this beautiful blog of mine. 

So, I usually write my poems alone…on my bed…drowning in food…listening to sad music like a loner. The problem with that is I decided to get rid of all my sad music for a change and inject some afrobeat into my life. Afrobeat music doesn’t particularly bring the depressed part of me to life so, writing has been a bit of a struggle. Also, I have been on this fitfam life for a few months now, trying to slay in my singleness. In between dancing to ‘omo alhaji’ and planning my daily workout exercises, I haven’t had my fair share of inspiration lately.

Now don’t be sad, I wouldn’t abandon you beautiful people which is why I felt the need to start something new. I tried writing poetry with an acquaintance which I posted here and that was a completely different experience for me. Different in a good way. After this, I started writing a story with someone I used to know, which I might post later on. That however was a fail but, I am not a quitter so, once I found a few more friends who equally love poetry, I thought it was worth another shot.

I have three new posts coming up. The first part was written by my twin, KCO and the third part by the most amazing person ever, Mixxy. (the second part was by yours truly, A). We tried to write about the topic of infidelity from three different perspectives and I feel like it came out amazing but, let me know what you think about them down in the comments below.




The Voyage Into The Uncharted. 

Hey lovies,

There are two things I find more amazing that finding out someone has accidentally deposited money that I didn’t deserve into my account.

1) Realising that one of your really close friends has a hidden talent

2) Acting like my blog is famous enough to ‘feature’ other people’s poetry/prose

Today must be my lucky day because those two things just happened. Below is..uhm..let’s just call him Loloski. Below is Loloski’s piece and I absolutely fell in love with the art of writing all over again.


The Voyage Into The Uncharted. 

Would be a lie if I say I haven’t been drawn to anyone the way I am to you

However it’s the manner in which I am drawn to you that is most puzzling

Never has it seemed that I’m utterly wasting my time waging this voyage into an abyss of which I know not what lies ahead , but I am determined to foster on because I believe the treasures that lie beyond this bulletproof darkness that lines my eyesight , would grossly outweigh any effort I have put in thus far

Some might call it curiosity. Some might call it stupidity. I call it the need to know.
As I embark on this journey to know you , after struggling and overcoming the turbulent waves of shyness that prohibited my departure initially. I am confronted with yet another bout of gale force winds that threatens to leave me buried amongst the jagged rocks that line this narrow path I take on the route to know you

With every stroke I take forward , these waves and winds take me back so much I begin to question if I am making progress. I’m at the border where I don’t know if this disinterest you radiate is actually real or if it’s a shroud in which you hide your own shyness and insecurities.

As everything about you is a mystery I am tempted to go with the latter and soldier on this voyage. I have come too far to give up and I shall still soldier on. And as you watch and throw me more challenges you shall be impressed by the sincerity of my voyage that I am coming to you , not to take the riches you have , but to even cultivate and multiply and give you a company worthy to share the blessings nature has ladened you with.

I know not where I am going. Neither do I have a map or compass or any directional help from you. But I do believe that I’m on the right path , and someday , maybe not soon , I would get through to you.



Dolly Writes


Those that read my blog constantly probably already know who Akunna is. Writing brought us together and we have grown to be close friends who talk about almost anything. She is an outstanding writer and she is someone I love, respect and admire


Finding me

I’ve been on a quest to figure out who I am for quite some time now. Y’know, am I…
Emotional, not emotional?
Rude, compassionate?
Happy, sad?
Secretive, public?
Easy to read, evasive and difficult to figure out?

My journey wasn’t at all bad however the way that I came about it wasn’t particularly what I’ll recommend others to do. I have done all sorts of stupid things really. From spending over £200 at once on mac products (even though I knew nothing about makeup at the time) to diving deep into a relationship which I sort of lost myself in. Now, 200…

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The Other Women.

J. We are the other women.

A. The ones that let themselves love a bit too much
The rejected

J. Outside looking in
The other face in the mirror
A reflection of my former self

A. We’re the ones to blame, we commited the sin

J. We hate the game . But we can’t change it

A. Overwhelmed by lust

J. Overwhelmed by love

A. It’s hard to fake it

J. Clawing helplessly at the seams of our broken heart
We search for absolution

A. Trying to put the pieces together
While we hold back our dark confessions

J. S , the scarlet let we bear on our chest
Reminding us we are nothing more late night steamy fumbles

A. The voices in our head constantly bombarding us with aggressive words
We yearn to forget
Hope to be forgotten
But love holds us back

J. Bodies entangled in shameless exploration
Deep slow movements, small sounds escape my lips
A euphoric feeling between my legs

A. Profound yet, feeble
The slight rhythmic trembling of my physical form
Underneath his touch, his stare
His masculine figure stretched above me, beautiful and bare
For a moment, I was tricked into believing that I could be the one
His only one
But the other woman is who I have become
And the other woman is what I will always be.