Twisted Realities. 

Imagine a place
Where ignorance rises and morals fall
Reality slowly being redefined
As a shoulder to cry on becomes a chest to sleep on
It’s hard to accept it but,
Nobody has it all.

With each confrontation evolving
Relationships are constantly transforming
Blame it on circumstance, fate
It’s these suppressed characters,
Only now resurfacing 
Or better still, blame it on the alcohol.

In this alternate universe
It seems right to flee, run, vamoose
The mind is willing but these legs just won’t move
Maybe it’s the weed, rum or grey goose
Hard as it may be,
It’s time to stand tall.

Stuck intricately analysing every decision
Intensely retracing each wayward step
Irreversibly short sighted as a result of poor vision
It’s a constant cycle
But there’s light at the end of this tunnel
And the only way out is to crawl.

This world is cursed
Densely populated with ignorance and feeble minds
It’s these petrified demons
Unintelligently claiming to follow protocol
As these series of unfortunate events have now fully unfolded
I think it’s time for that curtain call.



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