A Letter To My Main And Side Chick. 

You both win
I’ve tried my best, to say what I mean
But this is my guess, you both have what I need.

The sleepless nights tire me,
I can’t seem to catch a breath
I need you both entirely,
But maybe it’s all in my head.

One is dark and one is light,
I like the danger but need the safety
This is true, however trite
I find the contrast very tasty.

I love you and I love you too
I care and that counts
Call me selfish or greet me with a boo
But in the end I have no doubts.

Am I crazy? Am I really?
Am I wrong for entertaining repressed desires?
Look me in the eye and tell me the truth,
You would do the same if it was you.

Maybe I am, because I can’t make choices
I’m drinking , my head filled with both your voices.

Maybe we can make it work
You both in my arms all at once
No, I’m crazy, you’ll be the laughing stock
But I can’t push away the thoughts.

You don’t get to choose
So in the end you’re the winners
But if you ask me in this mood
I’m willing, to die a sinner.



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