These Shoulders Are Not For You.

I see your hurt
You wear it shamelessly on your sleeve
Like you crave affection
Like you crave compassion

I feel your heartache, your distrust
But for you, I can barely grieve
Like my heart is hardened
Like my heart is darkened

I can see your plot for revenge
It’s the helpless facade, perks of being an introvert
Congratulations to ignorance,
Congratulations to those who believe

I feel your desperation
With feelings being expressed out in the open
Our oath to defend one another has long been broken

While you find solace in the pity of others
And build a home in emotionally draining human rejects
I only wish to remind you
That on the days where loopholes in friendships become clearer
And your support system is long gone,
These shoulders would never be for you to cry on



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