Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hey lovies,

So, a few months ago, I was busy planning my Valentine’s Day with a previous associate. Now, my Valentine’s Day plans include a spa date with a close friend and us piercing our cartilages together. I’m also going to take time out to send love messages to my female friends because for as long as I am on this single journey of mine, my friends have no choice but to act as my substitute boyfriends. While this may not sound as exciting as a weekend getaway with fancy dinner, I’m happy. Something I haven’t felt in a while.

I say all of this because I see people all over the internet focusing on the fact that they have nobody to love them. I mean, gifts and love letters are cute and all but not everyday true love, sometimes meaningless flings. I’ve read many tweets with people wishing they had this and that but, believe me when I say you don’t need anything that you don’t currently have. Even the bible says ‘I shall not want’. You have been made whole by the love of Christ. So whole that there is nothing that you should want. You are complete so remind me again why you have convinced yourself that you need another human being 🤔. I’m going to stop here before this turns into a lecture on selflove.

In the mood of Valentine’s Day, I uploaded two makeup tutorials. Yes! I’m into makeup as well. All these talents and I still choose to dedicate my life to science and research. Links are down below.

Make a decision to have fun today like you should have fun every day of your life. You are blessed. You are precious and you deserve the best 💜





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