I Can’t Make You Love Me – Tank

I was going to wait until tomorrow before I post something else but, I happen to be a very impatient child.

It’s past 2 am and I am sat on my bed thinking about rubbish that will never in a million years be of any use to me. It’s hard to explain what it is that I am thinking about. Okay, I lied, it is very easy to explain the rubbish in my head right now but, it’s pretty miserable so, I’d rather not.

I heard this song a few months ago and, had it on replay for a while because, that’s what I always do when I hear a new song that is likable. After a while, it just started to irritate me..you know how it works.

Anyway, I told myself that I’ll never have to listen to this song and think about my situation. That it’ll never have anything to do with me and that I wouldn’t ever know all the words to it. Then again, I tell myself things like ‘Aku you’re hotter than Beyonce’ and ‘Einstein ain’t got nothing on me’ so, it’s hard to believe half of the things I tell myself.

I know my two weeks is up and, I’m supposed to be ‘lust-free’ by now but, I’m not. I may talk about it a little less or, stop smiling when I hear your name or, act like I don’t notice you but, it’s all fake. Even faker than the stupid weave I have on right now. All so people don’t look at me like that poor girl that can’t get who she wants. Ugh.

I always say ‘Depression Cometh By Night’ which is why I like to sleep early. I mean, It is five hours past my bedtime but, I’m here thinking about how “I Can’t Make You Love Me”. This isn’t anyone’s fault seeing as “You Can’t Make Your Heart Feel Something It Won’t”.

‘I’ll close my eyes. Then I won’t see THE LOVE YOU DON’T FEEL WHEN YOU’RE HOLDING ME’ has to be my best and most painful line. Only because that’s exactly what I did when….



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