The one that I have is not the one that I want.

Things of the past should not be brought forth.

Mere distance would not set two lovers apart.

It is how you finish that matters not how you start.

Wailing and crying will not solve the problem at hand.

Not every relationship will lead to marriage.

So, calm your titties and do not be so eager to buy a baby carriage.

Losing one battle is not a good reason to give up.

Talking about being ‘full to the brim’, your life is not a cup.

Crying should not be an option. Instead, devote yourself to hard work.

Because, crying does nothing but, bring pity and give fools a reason to talk.

Being heartbroken does not mean you’ll end up with a permanent scar.

Your ugly attitude not your ugly face is what chases people away when they see you coming from afar.

Just because you don’t get what you want does not give you the right to doubt.

I am aware of the fact that the title of this post does not have anything to do with what it is about.





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