Can’t Think Of What To Call This So, Eventually, This Title Might Need A Little Alteration.

It was her first time and it was supposed to be a memorable occasion. The guy she adored the most, the one who had all of her attention.  It started out as mere infatuation. But, from there grew real affection. With that came about the need for perfection. His presence made all of her nerves halt in a uniform formation. Never before had she experienced such fascination. Thinking about him seemed to be her one and only addiction. He touched her, it was the best ever sensation. It felt wrong, something close to subornation.  But, she could not resist the temptation. It was not eagerness, it was not desperation. It was supposed to be nothing but a mere invitation. In less than a minute, there was unison, something she referred to as colligation. Now in the act, there was the will to partake in a little exploration. She had never done this before, this brought about excitation. There was a little spark, nothing as serious as electrocution. He watched her the whole time, steady taking note of her reaction.

The deed was done, no need for a standing ovation. However she felt used, she needed clarification. Always thinking and dealing with confusion. She drowned herself in work, a form of distraction. Wanted to be alone, wanted to be in isolation. Her tear glands were starting to lose it, they were starting to malfunction.  Was this even real or was this her imagination? How he felt was the big unanswered question. She needed something, a bit more information. A few words from her lover, something to help the situation. Some form of explanation. The love in her heart was starting to undergo diffusion. It had to happen, there was no better solution. Then, there was depression. A big strain in her heart, I’m talking about myocardial infarction. It’s hard to let go and, move on in a different direction. Impossible to look in the mirror and not be judged by her own reflection. She had fallen a bit too hard, moved so fast all because of her slight obsession. It need not be said out loud because, she knew that she had just faced the worst case of rejection.





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