What Can You See?

Can you sense the emptiness I feel,

The loneliness that surrounds me,

The forced smiles I give?

I look at you knowing that the emotions you have aren’t real.


Can you hear my heart wailing,

The silent sobs that leak out,

The momentary deep breaths that I take?

Knowing that I am just another girl standing in line for you, waiting.


Can you see the invisible tears I struggle to hold back,

The crack in my voice,

The tremble in my fingers?

I’m just trying to be strong, not like I have a choice.


Can you feel this love that torments me,

The desperacy in my words,

The pensive look in my eyes?

I’ve got that somber feeling that is unrevealing to people.


Can you see the hurt in my eyes,

The pain in my soul,

The reluctance in my body?

That’s me trying to stop myself from holding something that I do not own.





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