Subway- Asa. Adaeze’s Cover

Hey Beautiful People,

I know I only come on here to write emotional things but, today is different. I’m having dinner with someone today so, I happen to be in a good mood. If you came here to drown yourself in misery, i apologize. This isn’t one of my famous posts about unrequited love, come back tomorrow or, better yet, keep reading.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how terrible I am at singing. You don’t believe me? Ha! For that, I’m going to put up a video of my trying so hard to sing. I do try sometimes because I want to sing my vows to my beautiful husband in future. Well, I might have to give up in that dream.

On twitter today, my very amazing cousin sent me a link to a video of her singing ‘Subway’ on youtube. Oh Em Gee…I wanted to cry. :’). Her voice is almost as beautiful as her. I’ve listened to it only about 6 million times and, I just thought I should give you wonderful people the opportunity to listen to it as well. Her handle’s @sher_leen incase you fancy following her on twitter.

I still wish I could sing 😦


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