Note To Self.

Inhale, exhale

Don’t smile too much or laugh too loud

It’s hard to focus but, I must prevail

A lot of things are hard to do when he is around.


Think baby girl, think

Make an attempt to speak

There’s only so much rubbish that you could say

My lips are moving but, they don’t seem to make a sound.


Be calm, be poised

Pause in-between sentences

Stop fiddling with your hands; it’s not on his list of preferences

It’s just the two of us but, I feel like I’m speaking in front of a crowd.


Take your time, one leg in front of the other

Young one, you sound just like your mother

Don’t be silly, you’ve been strutting in heels all your life

I’m trying so hard but, I keep falling down to the ground.


Chew for 10 seconds not a century

Swallow you bitch, it has been 5 minutes already

Weird as this may seem, I have an excuse

I can’t eat in front of him and, I ain’t even proud.


Don’t look down at the floor darling

Pray to God that you stop perspiring

Don’t be so awkward, don’t be so shy

It’s disgusting to admit but, my feelings for him are profound.






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