You’re A Girl – By @mizzleBW

You’re a girl,

You are strong.

Strong enough to smile when you don’t mean it

Strong enough to have that special twinkle in your eyes even when your heart is crying out

Strong enough to hide your very complex emotions

all in the attempt to avoid hurting the feelings of those that you love

and that boys’

Someone who will never have the slightest clue about your affections for him.

You’re a girl,

You are sweet.

Sweet enough to be concerned

Sweet enough to make everyone’s sorrow your sorrow

Sweet enough to care so much about the most irrelevant things

You pay so much attention to the little things that he says

Read meaning into those random statements that me makes

You assume because you want it to be true, to be real, to be requited

You’re assigning emotions to someone that you care about

Someone who will never return the favor.

You’re a girl,

You are brave.

Brave enough to take a leap of faith

Brave enough to not take the consequences into consideration

Brave enough to risk all that you have

mind and body, blood and heart

All for the miniature probability of happiness

happiness which belongs not to you but to that young mister

Someone who would never appreciate it.

You’re a girl,

You are affection

You are a long list of never ending emotion(s)

You are the tingling sensation that couples feel when they are together

You are the original product of love.


Because you were born from it. Carved from pillars of emotions, ever so deep and ever so positive

You will always be underestimated, unappreciated, mistreated, misplaced and misunderstood

you will cry yourself to sleep each night to hide the deep pain that lingers through your soul

You will wake up, come morning, putting on that same big and bright

but, also fake and meaningless smile like nothing ever happened

Because people can’t see beyond your seemingly joyful face and into your bleeding heart

But, that is what you require to be a girl.

You’re a girl

And in the end, it’s not about being strong, sweet or brave

those are very minor traits of what you really are

It’s about an ability

and it hurts me to know that it is one which is terribly underrated

It’s about a never ending process,

Your constant ability to (G)row (I)nto   (R)eal (L)ove

You are a GIRL.



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