Before MixMix’s Post.

So I have this friend and he’s very much taken. Regardless of that, he’s like my very own Haven. I’d run to him in times of trouble. Always there to support me, whatever the obstacle. To you, he’ll be known as Mr Mix. And my next post is something he’s put together for me at his own risk. This isn’t a poem so, I’m not sure why I’m rhyming.

Anyway, I’ve known Mr Mix for five years and, we’ve only been friends for 3 years. It’s quite funny how we began. Very long story but, I’ll summarize it in one sentence. Joblessness, free midnight calls, heartbreaking insults, 3 year ten girls and a phone. We were young and foolish. I’m actually shocked that Mr Mix and I are still friends because usually, I stop talking to people after a year or two. I have a problem with keeping relationships and I ain’t even proud. Marriage looks like a long thing right now but, that’s for another post.

I’m just going to give a brief introduction about him. So, MixMix is going to be the best economist ever. He and yinky are in a relationship which btw, I am very jealous of. He’s just amazing really. That’s all you need to know about Le Mix for now.

A few days ago, we had mini competition. It was about who could wash/flatter the best. I cannot compliment someone to save my life while mix on the other hand, can wash for Africa. I said something really pathetic and he replied saying

“Your type is scarce Aku

We all know that

Maybe it’s because you’re so good with words

Intelligence and creativity in one girl

Beautiful to the very core of the meaning of that word

Oh wait ‘it’s a strong word’ you said. Humility precedes you

Now I believe you’re stronger than this word’


All I could manage to say after that was ‘Haaaaaaay ‘ then, I gave up lol. It wasn’t even a fair battle. For that, I forced him to write something for my blog teehee I’m such a bully. The way he puts words together just dumbfounds me and I’d love to be able to do that one day. 

His post is about girls in general. Not every girl but, a good number of girls. Their qualities and weaknesses. As well as the challenges that they face on a daily basis. About secrecy and failed attempts and love for that unattainable mister. It’s about my female readers, female friends, female acquaintances and myself. It reminds me so much about a post I wrote for my other blog called ‘hi I’m a girl’  but a lot less personal with fewer words + it’s just better and I like it more. Soooooo, keep checking up on my insecurities and co because you’ll never know the day nor the time nor the hour when I’ll post Mixxy’s piece. It may be today or tomorrow or next week. It’s the first post on my blog that wasn’t written by me so, it should be interesting for you wonderful people.






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