Like You Don’t Even Know Me.


My palms are sweaty
My lips dry
I can’t help the way I feel
I really do try
My heart is racing
My Blood pressure, rising
My pulse is escalating
My pupils, dilating
The world is moving around in circles
Everything seems blurry
I couldn’t care less about what’s going on in my surroundings
There’s earphones in both ears
On my frail body, a pretty dress
Life should be easy however, can’t help but stress
I feel scared
Fearful of the unknown
This however, may be excitement
Despite my feeling of resentment
I’m confident then confused
I’m happy then, unamused
Aimlessly walking the streets thinking about you
I’m beginning to see this type of love as a disease
Hopefully it isn’t like diabetes, one without a cure
My body is agitating
My mind, perambulating
The different memories I have of you
I can’t tell which is real and which are my fantasies
I’m thinking of the possibilities
In my mind, carefully calculating all the probabilities
First I have to take into consideration, all of my insecurities
Then the things that I posses which are on your list of preferences
This is lame, this is stupid
I’m becoming obsessive
I should pull myself together but I’m so worried
I just don’t want you to blindly walk past me on the street
Like we’re just mere acquaintances
Mere associates
Like you don’t even know me



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