@Just_Iii ‘s Dayyyyy! Whooooooop!

It took me a good hour to think of how to start this post and I still couldn’t think of a better first sentence. H’oooo Gawd! The truth is, I’m shy lol. I have a problem with writing about real emotions and that’s what today’s post is about. Not my usual boy lovey duvey emotions. Is that a sigh of relieve I hear?

So, it’s my bestfriend’s birthday today *drumroll*. I never use real names on here so, we’ll call her Ms Mans. I’m so excited I can barely breathe. I even considered taking the next plane to Maryland just to spend the day with her but, with the inflation and all the economic crisis, money isn’t in surplus for me;(. I’m one of those ‘anything for love’ people.

I don’t really know what to say but, ill start with a little history. So, I was 9 and had taken a decision to embark on a difficult and challenging journey through high school in Nigeria. My mum dropped me off and I was left alone to explore the world of ‘adults’. My mum said not to tell anybody my age so, I don’t get bullied for being two years younger than everyone else. All I did was laugh at her petite concern. She spoke as if she wasn’t aware of the fact that her daughter was only a girl because she lacked that extra projection which boys had in their pelvic region. I was a boy by heart and by nature. So, I wouldn’t hesitate to beat up any so called ‘bully’. Mummy unpacked for me. This meant that all I had to do now was to look for people that were for enough to speak to me. ‘Friends’ they called it.

I stepped out of my room after saying a little prayer. I prayed for the people who would make the biggest mistake of their lives by making fun of my lack of hair. I had an Afro and a flat chest. It didn’t make me insecure but, it made me wish that God didn’t create me as a female. I was just done with my prayer when I saw this monkey-looking child. She was at the banister crying her life out and it took me every ounce of self control which I lacked, to stop me from laughing out loud. I went up to her just to introduce myself and walk away. That way, I’ll leave a statement. “Oh hey my name is Aku. Bye”. But this creature decided to tell me the reason why she was crying. I hate when people cry in front of me, I hate listening to people I don’t care about lament and at the time, I didn’t care about anyone. I was a 9 year old determined to be ‘famous’.

That’s the end of my little story. The monkey-looking creature that was crying is now my bestfriend, Ms Mans and she was crying because she felt homesick. Stupid child. That’s where we started talking anyway and, now, eight years after, she’s still my number one. Okay, two. I’m sorry babes :*.

Ms Mans and I have been through it all. The good, the bad, the everything. We’d fight over what font style to use while typing in IT class. Mad girl loved ‘impact’ and I was all for ‘monotype cursiva’ but, we could only choose one. This would always be a problem and we wont talk for the rest of the class. Until we get shouted at by Mr Ezeh.(We’ll now unite to insult the hell out of him ^_^). I’d always get into trouble with seniors cause I was ‘rude’ and Ms mans would come and beg for me( I’ll still be doing bad bitch for the senior but somehow, I always for out of it). Ms Mans and I used to fap/nick/any word that isn’t as harsh as steal food from our very special senior (I cannot reveal this name on here) in times of extreme hunger. She’d teach me all her stupid lovey duvey songs and I’ll pretend that I wanted to learn them for real. Haha eg skater boy. Then there was always gist and we always got into hot boiling peppersoup (mostly because of me) it’s hard not to get into trouble when you’re my friend.

Anyway, the point is that Ms mans and I have a special relationship that I doubt I’d ever have with anyone else. I mean she’s irritated me sooooo many times and I’ve probably done the same but regardless, we’ve made it through 8 years. I sound like I’m talking about my parter now. I’m just grateful to God for blessing me with a friend/bestfriend/soulmate/living diary. One of the two people in the world that I can tell everything that is anything to. The full story, that is. I usually always leave bits out but, not to these two people, not to Ms Mans. A lot of people today talk about distance and its impact on modern relationships. Now, I’m not a lesbian and, my bestfriend and I are not in a relationship but despite the fact that she’s over 10 hours away, she’s still the closest thing to this solid rock that I have as a heart. I would write a lot more but, the song above says almost enough.

Happy Birthday Ms Mans!!!! I love you a lot more than I love…hmmm

Ps: You silly twat, I hope this embarrasses you as much as your Instagram post on my birthday embarrassed me:p

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