Day 4. My views on religion.


I actually had this conversation with my very special Mr Emzz a few weeks ago. Give me 5 minutes while I look through our chat so, I don’t end up saying the exact opposite of what I told him. See, Mr Emzz really is special to me and incase a spirit leads him to my blog(tufiakwa), I wouldn’t want him to read this post and think I’m a liar.

I can’t be asked to go through our chat, I was just typing dust there but, my thoughts about religion probably hasn’t changed in the past few weeks.

Like almost every other thing I say about myself, it may be hard to believe that I am a devoted Christian. I read my bible, my open heavens and pray. You’d hear me praying and be scared but like every other Christian, I sin in multiple ways. I’m not perfect so don’t judge me.

So, as I was saying, I’m Christian and, Christianity for me is a way of life rather than a religion. It’s about the things you say, the way you act, the things you do, how you treat the people around you and it’s accordance the word of God. All the word of God instructs us to do is to live noble and blameless lives. To treat everyone equally. To love and act out of love. You don’t have to be Christian to do any of the above. I cannot judge a human being based on their religion. I cannot judge a human being at all (Matthew 7:1) but, if given the right to, I’d judge people based on their lifestyle. I believe that a man is who they are based on the contents of their heart. Whether or not you have a religion is none of my business. I’d rather have pagans as friends than hypocrite Christians.

I was brought up in a Christian family. I always went to church early, was ever present in Sunday school, I would always contribute, memorise multiple passages from the bible, I was a devoted choir member even. Today, I’m not as committed as I was but, I’m still deep in the Christianity belief and I love to know that I could always depend on my creator. That’s what I grew up believing so, that’s who I have grown to become. That’s for me though and, it doesn’t have to be the same for everyone. I mean, being with Christians is cool ’cause we supposedly have the same views and beliefs and a similar way of life. There is however, conflict between the different branches of Christianity. The Reedeem people don’t believe praying through Mary will get you anywhere close to God. Catholics may not entertain the idea of singing and clapping in Gods’ presence. Deeper life despise the concept of having birthday parties. Mountain on fire are way too religious. Anglicans just seem in between. There’s just so much confusion and arguments between the various groups. Religion has become something close to a political debate. Christians are constantly trying to prove that their method of worship is the best. Am I supposed to support this?

The book of Proverbs compares two groups of people. The righteous men and the wicked men. It doesn’t say the men with religion and the men without religion. So, I looked up the meaning if righteous just to back me up here.

‘Morally right or justifiable’

I know the same bible says things like
“Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God” (John 3:3)
As well as
“Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit’ (Matt 28:19)in other words, bring others to Christ and the likes of that. That’s for another post anyway. It also speaks about the fruit of the spirit which, as a Christian we should have. Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Humility and Self control. I know a lot of Christians including myself who don’t even posses all those qualities. How then do we deserve to feel superior to people with other beliefs when we don’t even practice what we believe in?

I haven’t been fortunate enough to come across a lot of Muslims in my life but, I know a number of noble Muslims. You’d look at them and wouldn’t be able to spot a single fault in them. In terms of the things they say and the way the act to people. They have a different belief to me but, they seem to have a similar way of life. My bestfriend is actually Muslim and aside from the fact that we have different religions, we always always have the same opinion about certain life issues and the possible solutions. It’s constant occurrences like this that makes me realize that the way people act has very little to do with their religion but rather, their beliefs, the things that they value or consider a priority as well as their virtues and what they deem morally right. Does it make sense for one to claim to only like Muslims and Christians? Shall they expand the love a bit and add ‘Hindus’ to the list?

I’m beginning to see the similarities between religion and political parties./Campaigns. Like different religious groups are trying to captivate the heart of the people by making promises and giving out suiveners. In Nigeria, they could be related to brooms and umbrellas(AKA h’umblera). They all speak of miracles and a change in one’s heart rending situation but, even the bible says ‘Heaven helps those who help themselves’. Religion isn’t going to help you get that job or that guy/girl or that degree. I hate how people are constantly looking for a way to classify the mass. Black and white. Tall and short. Fat and skinny. Virgins and non virgins. Christianity and Islam(I apologise if I haven’t mentioned your own religion. I only really know about two so, forgive my ignorance)

In summary, I think that religion is only important to those who have one. It’s encouraging to believe that an all knowing spirit is aware of your situation and is going to see you through it and elevate you. However, if you don’t believe then, you just don’t believe. Religion doesn’t define anyone. It’s about the things that they do and if one acts noble and isn’t deliberately froward then, nothing else matters.

Nonjudgmental A


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