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To most people, pain is…
The thing you feel when the one you want is off the market
When you can’t cling to him
When he tells you it’s over
When you hear he’s with another
Knowing that you need to let go
Realizing that you’re chasing after someone who’s on a quest for another
When you’re saying goodbye to someone you want to spend forever with
That funny feeling you get before your eyes transform into a waterfall
The sting in your mouth at the dentists
The ice cold sensation that goes through ones’ body when they’re diagnosed with an incurable disease
The silence that accompanies the loss of someone dear to you
Knowing that that will be your first and last kiss
The constant pounding sensation in your head when you bump it against someone
For me however, pain is not being able to feel pain
Having to mask it up
Lying about how I feel
Sweeping my emotions underneath the front door mat
Pain is the smile across my face when I’m going through the toughest times
Pain is the crinkled skin around my eyes when I laugh out loud
Pain is wanting to feel pain but only avoiding it
Pain is not being able to talk about how I really feel
Pain is only being able to speak about feelings on pen and paper



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