I Miss You.


I miss the familiar scent on the other half of my bed
The pile of clothes that lay around my room which didn’t belong to me
The way we promised ourselves from now till forever
The long, pointless walks in the park
The feeling of protection that overcomes me when you pull me close
Your strong masculinity against my frail body
The taste of your lips
The sensation of your arms on me
The gentle words that you whispered in my ear at night
The movie nights and breakfast mornings
Sneaking in and out of each others beds
The adventure
The feeling of togetherness
The sense of belonging
Telling the world about you
Making them know that we were the best and sensing jealousy
The long phone calls and pointless conversations about everything and nothing
The random smiles and unexpected kisses
The stare, your stare
The joy that accompanied your presence
Your mortality
Your human flesh
Your spirit and soul which I connected to
I miss missing you but always knowing that I’ll see you soon enough
I want you to know that I missed you when you left
And now I miss you a lot more
But I know you’re in a better place
Away from the earth, its terrors and all



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