One Last Hurtful Memory.

Soft and tender…his lips were
As he gently placed them on mine
Started off as an innocent peck but, built up into something more intense
He leaned in slowly
Passionately, full of affection
Time for some lip action
His were contracting
As though being set for a pout
Then they opened up
And he moved closer
I suppose I should have done the same
About to set my lips in the pouting position and I was in for a shock
There was a little projection in my mouth
It consumed me
Frantically and purposefully searching for love in my dorsal-cavity
I felt something odd, a bittersweet feeling
Before now, I had considered saliva the number 1 most disgusting human fluid ever
And now there was a slimy tongue in my mouth
Regardless, I loved it…
I loved him
I returned the favor
My tongue shyly reached into his mouth
Searching for passion
Searching for emotion
What it was that I felt for this young gentleman
Then our tongues met
As though two lovers separated for a decade were reunited
It was perplexing but, desirable
Stimulating and that was understandable
I wanted to reach out for him
Grab his jet black permed hair
Entangle my legs around his robust figure
Take a gasp of air
Arch my back inwards in attempt to increase surface contact
I had seen it in the movies
But we were standing
And there was a taxi driver grumpily waiting
It was over in a few minutes
I had done it, now to set a new limit
My body was full of sensation
My lips tingled
My body was trembling, I wondered if he could feel the involuntary vibrations
I pulled away and slid into the back seat
Gave a shy smile to my lover as he began to retreat
He turned away and set off
My eyes stayed fixated on his alluring frame
One last look at the one that I yearn for
One last taste of him
One last first kiss
One last hurtful memory



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