For Your Own Good.

But alas, I feel terrible as I cannot return
All that he has given to me
The adventure and the fun
Because my heart fails to love
And my soul is afraid to get involved
To someone that’s ever so perfect
Someone no normal girl would reject
I’m grateful to God for sending me one that I do not deserve
But, I’ll never be good enough for him
Not now, not ever
Run away young one
Flee from the evil in me that captivates you
Reject the temptation
Say no to the sexual stimulation
Eventually, I’d break your heart and move on to the other
The broken pieces of your heart will you alone gather
Then you’d hate me forever
Run away from me, I plea
Up the hills and across the red sea
Go far away, beyond my radar
Up so high, I wouldn’t be able to reach you with a ladder
Only ’cause for you, I care
I must admit, this is very rare
However if you fail to escape from my captivity
Be sure to get over me and your anxiety
Before I get bored of what we have become
For your own good, abscond



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