Love St.

I’ve stumbled across the streets of love

Confused, dumbfounded, totally taken aback

How did I get here?

Where do I turn to?

Wish I could just disappear


As I walk the path of love, I fail to comprehend

Why this lonely lane never ends

I don’t know what to do or how to act

I know love changes people

And brings about queer decisions


As I parade this route of love

I know I should turn around and leave

But if I never experience this now,

I might never get the chance to


I’ve come face to face with the streets of love

And I only hope that for once, we happen to be on the same path

I’m never sure about matters of the heart

So, I always have one foot in and one foot out

I’m not sure how this new phenomenon came about


With two feet in, I roam the love track

Frantically searching for my other half

The part of you I thought I saw

That’s the part of you

That I want to be true


I’m prowling this deserted passage of love a little further

But you’re nowhere to be found

I’m getting worried and my heart’s beating a lot faster

If you happen to perambulate these same streets

Give me a ring…if you still have my number


I’m casually but carefully strolling through this terrace called ‘love’

There’s music playing in the background

A few of them unknown, a few of them renowned

They’re all slow and full of meaning

Reminds me of the other night

A few hours before I wandered into these peculiar streets


I have set foot into the street of love and I feel alienated

I feel naked but far from exploited

I want to try this, I want to be committed

I might not win the position but at least, I’ve been nominated


I’ve discovered the love avenue

And ‘I swear by the moon and the stars and the skies’

That ‘I’ll come and I’ll give without taking’

I don’t want us to be ‘two hearts living in two separate worlds’


While I meander through this boulevard of love

I have become selfless, careless, restless, directionless

Everything but, fearless

But I came here for a reason

So, I guess this is the time, the exact season


I’m almost at the end of this love street

I know now that I can no longer retreat

I’ve put myself out there; it’s no more a secret

I pray that just maybe, you could be waiting for me at the end of this path






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