My Running Away Experience.

Last night, I ran away
Slipped out from next to him
and decided I couldn’t stay

My heart was beginning to die
Beginning to decay
So I had to flee
I couldn’t wait till May

I’m out here roaming these streets
Confused about where to go
However, I cannot retreat
I hate to admit it but I feel incomplete

There’s a deserted alley
Quiet, dark but, very dirty
I’m cold, I’m hungry
In a state of dismay and thirsty

Three thirty Aunty meridian
Two more hours until it’s bright
I need to force myself to sleep
I need to let go of this fight

One last hour left and I’m wide awake
Restless because of the absence of the usual playlist
A few of the songs that I really miss
Reminds me of the first time we kissed

One night without a list of the familiar songs
Seemed nothing but fervently wrong
I’ve been fooling myself all along
It’s obvious that beside you is where I belong

Running away seemed legit
But it’s been two hours
And I believe that I can’t make it
I long to return, if you so permit



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