He takes my hand and I only hold on half as tight

He gives me a reason to smile but, I only smile half as wide

I tell him I love you but, with only half my heart

Laughing at his jokes but, my laugh is only half as loud

He seems lost in my eyes but, I’m only half as lost

I should be thinking about him but, he only occupies half my thoughts

I need to be on the other side but I’m only half way through

I ought to be completely immersed in the man of my choice but, I’m only half way in

Selflessly and hopelessly in love but, I’m only letting go of half my emotions

When reality takes its troll and the bitter truth hurts, I promise I’ll only give up half my tears

Not because I’m a girl but because I’m A. A hopeless romantic who has taken so many unfruitful shots at love. A saint who has now become a dark creature of irreversible damage. A timid character who has been faced with disappointment, rejection and unwarranted embarrassment. I can only let go half as much because I’m scared that just maybe, the past could reoccur and I wouldn’t have any form of defense set up for my defeated soul.



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