Roses are red,
The color of violets doth differ.

Sugar is sweet,
And a slight taste of you was all I hoped to encounter.

He was the chosen one,
And I, the seeker.

Attended to my needs,
I had found myself a bartender.

Hiding my emotions used to be an easy mountain to climb,
But this time, the slope was a little bit steeper.

I plunged into the pool of emotions,
No surprise, I’ve always been a diver.

I thought of the situation,
Became quite the analyzer.

I had to be insensate,
Had to be eager.

But every time he smiled,
I smiled a little bit longer.

And the words he spoke,
Sank in a little deeper.

I’m trembling with fear,
Writing my resignation letter.

I might have been a badbitch,
Today however, I’m giving up on that career.

Because despite the fact that He had fallen,
I knew deep down that I fell a lot faster.



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